Friday, February 1, 2008

New life

So, loads has happened as usual. My Macbook Pro finally shipped, I got a job and my husband's sister got engaged. Congratulations, Pinz!
The computer is awesome. I love it. The NVIDIA graphics card is putting a totally new twist on even MSN emoticons. The screen is gorgeous and everything runs beautifully, minus the usual rainbow balls of death when there are problems with the net.

I start my new job on Monday. The company is about 50 times larger than the last firm I worked at, so they have great benefits and an awesome coffee machine. However, providing a wealth of perks also seems to be a bit of standard here. At Radical Entertainment, they have free food, cookies, pinball machines and game consoles. From what I hear about EA, their employees basically live there - no need to rent an apartment I guess.

Last week our friend James suggested that we go have dinner at the Culinary Arts school downtown. We showed up 15 minutes in advance because it was supposed to be an extremely popular place, but you know what - it turned out to be a SNOW DAY! There was barely any snow on the ground and it must have been something like minus 1. Wow. Aw. I mean.. Those bastards!

We came home and watched the news about a dozen cars that had rolled over into the ditch, because they didn't have winter tires. You can't help but feel for the poor clueless Pacific people, who are so utterly oblivious of the extreme measures that people regularly take to combat extreme weather situations. A snow day? How about you learn how to drive stick and put on some winter tires? Even better, use public transport! The gov't pays you back 15% on all the expenses on monthly cards!

Ranting on my Mac seems somehow more satisfying than usual. I am considering cutting my fingernails so that I wouldn't scrape the keyboard. For a split second this afternoon, I actually considered spending 3000 dollars on the Final Cut Studio and Adobe Production bundles! I think this computer might actually make me a better person. Thank you, Apple!


weinberg_dara said...

congrats on your new job. make them buy you the software. I am now less than a month from visiting you in vancouver, darn it! I can't wait. It is going to be a SUCH needed thing.